A sharing economy where teachers win

Subtitle: To date, Teacher Synergy, the company behind the site TeachersPayTeachers.com has paid about $175 million to its teacher-authors.
About author: Natasha Singer
Reference: International New York Times, Deccan Herald, September 15, 2015.
teacher pay teachers

Founded in 2006, TeachersPayTeachers speeds this lesson-plan prep work by monetising exchanges between teachers and enabling them to make faster connections with farther-flung colleagues. The site takes 15 per cent commission on most sales.The site’s popularity with teachers reflects the convergence of a number of trends in education and technology. School districts around the US have been introducing new learning objectives, called Common Core state standards. That has sent tens of thousands of educators to TeacherspayTeachers looking for lessons to reinforce standards

Similarly, CMEPEDIA recycles existing quality-controlled content to give every health care student and worker the option to acquire the same level of theoretical knowledge.

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