The false god of appraisal

Subtitle: Appraisal is a false god. It is waste of time and misuse of resources. It was never going to “stop another Shipman”.
About author: Margaret McCartney
Reference: BMJ 2015; 351:h4982

I look up things I don’t know about during the course of the day-diagnoses I’m unsure of, drug interactions I’ve forgotten, treatments that are new to me. But I don’t write it down as I go because,…, minutes spent on myself mean fewer spent on patients.
Appraisal now includes “360 degree feedback,”, which means that each of the United Kingdoms 43 000 GPs sends an appraisal every five years to 15 peer raters. If the 10 minutes it takes me to fill one is the average, then health professionals spend 21 500 hours a year ticking boxes rating colleagues. What is the value?
Yet our colleagues have signed up to this time wasting, navel gazing, and expensive process without properly considering either the opportunity costs or whether the endeavour is evidence based.

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