Doctors turn entrepreneur to try to modernise the NHS.

Subtitle: Frustrated by outdated systems and clunky processes, medics are developing their own apps in the hope of finding solutions.
About author: Anne Gulland
Reference: BMJ, February 24, 2018

A new breed of doctor is stalking UK hospitals and clinics-young, tech savvy, and frustrated with clunky NHS processes, these ‘doctorpreneurs’ are setting up technology companies in an attempt to make the health service run more smoothly. Kit Latham, a former NHS emergency medicine doctor and cofounder of Dr. Focused, said: ‘Every time they book a holiday or buy travel tickets doctors are confronted with tech that’s well designed, easy to use, and doesn’t waste their time. But when they’re at work they’re confronted with tech that is out of date and makes their job harder’. Maroof Ahmed, said that ‘we don’t see this as leaving medicine. You go to medical school to make an impact on people’s lives-with this app we could have an impact on the live of millions’. Kit Latham believes doctors have a responsibility to get involved in the tech world: ‘We have two choices-either we take on that responsibility and learn as a profession, or we abdicate that responsibility and let tech companies have a go. And they may get it right or they may not.’

CMEPEDIA is the brain child of a ‘doctorpreneur’. A drive for this development were first hand experiences of renewal of license procedures which haven’t been straightforward. The main drive is the possibility to assist India in the development of its health care system-as she has been so often at the receiving end of the generosity of this country.

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