Continuing medical education (CME): Why the fuss?

About author: Chandrashekar Sohoni
Reference: Indian J Radiol Imaging, 2011 Apr–Jun; 21(2):158–159

The goal of CME to keep doctors abreast with recent developments in medicine is absolutely fair. However, the problem lies with the method in which MCI wants to implement this. We live in an era of the internet, satellites, and smart phones, where knowledge is just a click away… But MCI wants doctors to be physically present at some select registered venues to take the holy dip! This is certainly a retrogressive step. The added financial burden and the inconvenience caused to a doctor because of this requirement cannot be ignored. If you are not a native, a three-day residential conference at a metro city will cost you nothing less than INR 10 000. Plus an in-service doctor has to take additional leave for attending conferences. Why does not the MCI ask the Ministry of Health to issue a directive to make it mandatory for all hospitals to give a “CME allowance” and permit “CME leaves”?

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