Unable to hire faculty, universities make do with guest lecturers.

About author: Sandesh MS
Reference: Deccan Herald, 24 September 2018

Complying with the guidelines laid down by the University Grants Commission (UGC) over the recruitement of permanent faculty, universities across Karnataka have decided to hire guest lecturers.

Citing the imminent verdict by the Supreme Court on the Special Leave Petition filed by the HRD Ministry against a court order curtailing reservations for SCs (Scheduled Casts)/STs (Scheduled Tribes) and OBCs (Other Backward Classes), the UGC has put the recruitement of academic staff in all universities on hold. This has left a lot of vacancies for teaching in various universities.

After the trifurcation, the teaching staff has been split among the three universities. ‘We do not have an option but to make do with guest faculty’, said Venugopal KR, Vice-Chancellor, Bangalore University.

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