Evolving health care systems and approaches to maintenance of certification

About author: R. Van Harrison, Curtis A.Olson
Reference: Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professionals-33(1), 2013
olson curtis

Ideally, physicians should have ready access to and be able to use their performance data to guide their CPD (continuing professional development) and ongoing practice improvement, and ultimately enhance patient care and outcomes…. We can also appreciate that the reality for many physicians may be that the process of accessing and using performance data is currently not straightforward and potential barriers exist to each phase. The overarching role of the CPD(Continuing Professional development) professional may no longer be primarily to plan and provide formal CPD programming and content, but to facilitate the process by which physicians can readily access performance and practice data, engage with it, use it for developing and implementing learning and change plans and evaluate their outcomes.

In the context of developing countries, CMEPEDIA lays the stepping stone for access to CME. It recycles quality controlled education and brings it within the reach of all health care professionals by making it affordable and online accessible.  CMEPEDIA does not intend to reinvent the CME wheel, but aims for a smoother global run.


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